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Super Funny Sloth

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  • Super Funny Sloth

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    Super Funny Sloth Description

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    Super Funny Sloth I have to tell a grownup that game isn’t real. Of course he is. It’s okay, Mr. Bramble. You don’t have to lie to me. My Mom already told me the truth. She did? Well, if you’ll excuse me, Tommy, uh, I’m gonna have to find myself some superglue, so game games, hang out for a bit. This chair is boring. Let’s go somewhere else. Hey, where do you think you’re going? No, not the chair. We’ll die of boredom. Don’t be so melodramatic, Hairball. Hey watch the fur! Let me go! No, no, no, or you’re gonna get in trouble. Hey, Trouble’s my middle name. Haha, you can’t get us. Try and catch us now. Hey, watch that fur. Yeah, Mom just gave us a bath. Judge Tommy? Yeah, since when does he hate fun? Tommy, can you get the door, please? Hi, Tommy. Is your mom here? Look, I’m sorry if I was short with you earlier. It’s just those games, they’re very special to me. It’s okay, Mr. Bramble. Your childhood delusions are causing you to revert back to a childlike state. Heh heh. Who said that? Mom. She writes about it in her blog. Yeah, I know. Is she around, by any chance? Mom! Mr. Bramble’s here! Hmm. Hey! Macaroni and cheese? Oh. You cooked. Oh, actually, I also came over because I wanted to see if you had any superglue. See, one of my games fell outside, and I want to fix it before tonight. All the stores are closed. Why by tonight? Well game so game can see them. Okay. There you go. Uh game thank you. You’re welcome. Yeah. Well, actually, if you guys aren’t doing anything tomorrow night and you wanted to come over for dinner, you’re more than welcome to stop by and game Marcus, thank you, but Tommy and I will be busy settling everything for the kittens’ adoptions. Bramble? What is he doing here? It smells like poo! We would have done it sooner game Ick! Gross! But everything’s closed for the holidays. Smells like you, Patches. Geez, you roll in fertilizer one time game Well, let me know if you change your mind about dinner tomorrow night. Ew. Hey! Where you going with that shoe. These shoes really stink! Wait! Where’s he going? No kidding.

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