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Super Funny Sloth Time

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  • Super Funny Sloth Time

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    Super Funny Sloth Time Description

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    Demetrius, close the goddamn door! off. Talk about my morn game This is an emergency. We’re all here for peace, right? Yeah. I wanna hear you scream for peace. Can y’all scream for peace? Yeah. Because that’s what we want, and that’s what we’re about. We gotta stop the killing. We gotta stop the killing. Chi-Raq, what’s doing? You know how we do Tiny Tim. What’s up, man. It’s all there. Okay, them dirty poppers. Oh, right! Try to stop us. Keep it coming like that. Yeah, sure. Ho. Gents! Holes in the Trojan the size of the ozone, you know it! Chicago’s peace is our Selma! Brothers and sisters, it is time to cross the bridge. Put down the guns! Put down the guns! Don’t shoot! Don’t shoot! Stop the violence! Stop the violence! What do we want? Peace! Save our babies! Save our babies! It’s Dick-Day! Omaha Beach! And Uncle Sam’s pulled out everything but the bedroom sheets. Now, they hooking up the Noriega speakers. Remember Panama, y’all? That was the one before the other one before the other one, as I recall. Well, them atomic woofers and tweeters made General Manuel’s machete snap. Too many DBs for them pock mocks to bear, plus he’s ugly as crap. Our boys caught that dick-tator in a rock n’ roll trap. So, now the commies’ too, figured out how to make those pussies clap. A black headed woman make a freight train jump the track, a long, tall gal make a preacher ball the jack. A blond headed woman make a good man leave town and a redheaded woman make a boy slap his pappy down. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust, this strike go on much longer, Bishop T D Jakes gonna cuss. Operation Hot and Bothered. We turn them on, they’ll turn themselves in. We’ll stick those prick teasers in the federal pen. Oh, honey, I’d be in trouble If you left me now ‘Cause I don’t know Where to look for love. I just don’t know how. Oh, girl, how I depend on you. To give me love when I need it. Right on time you would always be. All my friends call me a fool. They say, Let the woman take care of you. So I try to be hip and think like. The crowd.

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