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Super Fun Karaoke

Super Fun Karaoke


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Super Fun Karaoke Description

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look Games Pay attention, Clark. This is your first marketing lesson. You see, the major labels pay bucks a unit to get this kind of store placement. It’s free if you do it yourself. My apologies if you are a Bangles fan. I’m a Dylan fan. Dylan? Oh, Dylan. Want to hear something crazy? Yeah. Okay, uh, Dylan played the Chameleon Club in the s. Dylan played the Chameleon? Yes! Can you imagine? Like, our Chameleon Club, right? Dylan was there. I mean, I would’ve loved to have seen that show. If you could go back in time and see one show, which one would it be? Billy Joel at Notre Dame, February nd, . What? So, the priests invite Billy to come out and play, but they have one stipulation. They wouldn’t let him play his hit song, “Only the Good Die Young.” Why not? Why not? Think about it. I mean, the song doesn’t exactly espouse the teachings of the Catholic church, does it? What happened? Did he, uh Games did he play it? Did he play it? Did he play it? Billy ends the show with the song! Are you serious? Yes! I mean, the crowd went nuts. Totally serious. Oh, I would’ve loved to see the look on those priests’ faces. Yeah. Come on! Let’s go! Hey, Mrs. Joshman. How are you? Better than you’re gonna be. Really? Again? Yeah. Ah. Postman made me sign for it. Great. Thank you. Ah, you’re welcome. Have a nice day. Oh, I will. You sent me a certified letter? No, I didn’t. The main office did. This is where my parents live. I mean, you’re gonna kick them out for a lousy grand? Well, maybe you shouldn’t have mortgaged your parents’ house to pay for the record. You know I’m gonna pay the money back. I believe you. The big question is when. As soon as the new record’s out. Come on. It’s taking a little longer than I thought. But this thing is gonna sell like crazy. I just Games I just need Glen to finish it. Charlie, how much are you willing to throw away on this? As much as I need to. Come on, Sam. Would you just Games would you just call somebody and get me some more time? I already did! I want you to consider something for me.

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