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Super Frog Prince

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  • Super Frog Prince

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    taking a hat with you, as well. Get some sleep. For the people all said sit down Sit down, you’re rockin’ the boat Hey, Pops! What do you know about this weather? It’s killin’ me and young Eldon here. Tiny, sure it’s the weather? Maybe it’s your singing. For the people all said sit down Sit down, you’re rockin’ the boat Come on. The people all said sit down Sit down, you’re rockin’ the boat Shut up, shut up, shut up. Ah, it’s gonna get worse. Sybert! I didn’t make it topside. That weld can’t hold in these seas. You gotta slow her down. I’m calling the captain back. It’s coming in! You okay, Pops? Yeah. Go up! We’ve got a hull fracture in the engine room! All hands muster mattresses Games blankets, whatever you can get your hands on! Tchuda. Yeah, boy? I can’t get anyone on the bridge. I need you to go up and tell the captain Games we got an foot fracture in our hull. Tell him these pumps are holding for now Games but we don’t put her into port, we’re gonna wreck. Captain don’t understand me, Bouloo. I know he can’t understand you Games but he doesn’t listen to anyone, anyway. Jesus, Mary, and Joseph. Cold out there? Yeah. You still tryin’ to fix that darn thing? Yeah. Oh, come on. Fitzy, it’s useless. Let the guy who fixes it come fix it. I would if he would show up. What’s this on the radio, ship breaking up? That’s the Fort Mercer. Fort Mercer? She’s a big lady. She’s a T tanker. Started radioin’ a couple hours ago. Apparently she’s got a big crack in her hull. It’s spillin’ oil all over the place. She’s, uh, about miles east off of Nantucket. It sounds like Boston and Nantucket Games are sendin’ out their entire fleet, huh? We could be next. They’re saying gale force winds Games to miles per hour. Yeah. Yeah. Games waves at feet. Over. It’s gonna be a mess. Oh, uh, Bernie, Bernie. Uh, Miriam called for you. Yeah. Good luck, pal. Yeah. Mr. Cluff? It’s me, Bernie, sir. Webber. Pick yourself a crew. Go out there, help them fishermen Games secure their boats to the pier. Oh. Uh, yes, sir.

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