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Super Food Slacking 4

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  • Super Food Slacking 4

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    Well, then, you won’t be sorry when we kill him. JEAN [IN FRENCH OVER RADIO]: [IN FRENCH] [GUN COCKS] [BOTH GRUNTING] Oops. Hey, hey, he ‘- I don’t want you dead, okay? They do. In the next few hours, we’re gonna have to work together if we wanna survive. Work together? Have you lost your goddamn mind? Listen, in the service, they paired us up with Pakistani special forces. These incompetent assholes who wanted us dead. And we didn’t like them either, but we worked together game game knowing that at some point, either later that same day game game or years from now when politics changed game game we’d be trying to kill each other again. You understand what I’m saying? CLAY: Let’s go. [IN ENGLISH] Jean? Jean, report. Saul, we’ve lost Jean. Be prepared for heavy resistance. Understood. When we were in the visitors center, I took a map. I’m looking at it now game game and it shows another cabin game game further inland. Take care of it. I’m on my way. CLAY: So who the are they? Military-trained. French-Canadian by the sound of it. Probably mercenaries, either working the drug routes game game or picking off the leftovers. A lot of drama for some weed. They got too much firepower. Gotta be something more lucrative. Okay, makes sense. So, what’s our next move? We gotta call for help. You destroyed my phone, so we need another one game game and there’s an old man who lives this way. That’s where we’re headed. Hey, stop. You sure he’s got a phone? I don’t know. But he’s our only option. No visual on the park ranger game game but there’s a body on the ground. I think it’s Jean. Okay, stay on the trail. Minimal comms. Radio compromised. [IN FRENCH] CLAY: I guess that’s that. He already knew. This guy’s pretty smart. What? Your brother knew what he was doing game game and he never would’ve let us sacrifice ourselves for him. If this little truce of ours is gonna hold game game let’s not talk about my brother, okay? I just think you should know the whole story before you kill a person. If I were you game

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