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    My new colleague will. Now you have the power. It’s up to you to achieve the impossible. But they’re gonna make fun of me. Not if you move the bottle, they won’t. You just do as I say. Raise your hands and point them at the bottle. There. Get off the stage, runt! Ignore the world. Ignore the world. Focus. Stand up, little boy. He is standing. Get him a step stool. Do you believe you can do this? Partner, do you believe you can do this? Do you believe you can move it, yes or no? Yes, I believe I can move the bottle. I don’t believe you. Yes, I believe I can move it! Louder. Yes! I can move the bottle! That’s the kind of faith that Moses had when he parted the Red Sea game the kind of faith that little David had when he defeated Goliath with a little stone. That’s what we need, my friends, in these difficult times. So like Father Oliver used to ask, “What can we do?” What can we do for our relatives at war? What can we do if we are here and they are there? And the answer is game if we have faith the size of a mustard seed, we can move a mountain. If we can move a mountain, then nothing will be impossible for us. Not even ending this war and having our loved ones back. I already knew someone who could move a mountain. I wondered if the source of his powers was the mustard seed. This was a source of unlimited powers? So if this was true, this was all I needed to game And there he was game the enemy. London! What? There’s a Jap at Gilliam’s. I couldn’t understand how one of them was free in O’Hare. After Pearl Harbor, they put them all in camps. After years of internment, the Army, in its wisdom, has decided to release those of Japanese ancestry who have proven loyal to the US. They seem harmless, don’t they? But can we trust them? Well, I for one, remember Pearl Harbor, so I say, “Remain vigilant.” Store doesn’t serve Japs. Everything okay here? You forgot the onions, Hashimoto. Put these on my tab. Father, with all due respect game Now, Gilliam. These too. Of course, Father. I’m getting sick and tired of hearing again

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