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Super Family Dress up

Super Family Dress up


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Super Family Dress up Description

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I know. And Mary bore sweet Jesus Christ On Christmas Day in the morn Games Auntie Flo. Yes, dear? Mm Games I wish I could sleep in my own bed again. Course you do, dear. That Mr Hitler’s on the run now, Raymond. I’m sure you’ll be back in London soon enough. There. All done. You there?! What’s up, Ette? Dearest, I’ve been promoted. Clerk, grade B. Cor! No more packing parcels in that rotten freezing warehouse? No, I’m going to work in an office. THEY LAUGH And that’s not all, Ette. Look, a letter from our boy. They reckon he can come home now. Oh! Oh, Ernest! RAYMOND STRAINS AND LAUGHS That’s it, son. Dig, dig, dig Feel your muscles getting big Keep on pushing in the spade The turnip tops The potatoes and the carrots Cannot sprout without your aid BOTH: Don’t mind the worms Just ignore the squirms When your back aches Laugh with glee! And keep on digging till we give our foes a wigging Dig, dig, dig to victory! RAYMOND CHEERS Cup of tea, boysie? Thanks, Dad. That country air has got you fit. AEROPLANE NOISES IN BACKGROUND Dad? Come on, son! Down the shelter! Run! Take cover! Doodlebug! Get down, son! Get down! THEY STRAIN Engine’s cut out. Christ, it’s coming down! LOUD EXPLOSION Cor. That was close. I didn’t know they were bright blue underneath, Dad. Come on, son. Shelter. Before any more of the blighters come over. AMBULANCE BELL We’d better get you back down the country tomorrow. AEROPLANE NOISE IN BACKGROUND EXPLOSION EXPLOSION Crikey, dear. Sounds like a lot got through tonight. I can’t hear anything. Hold tight, duck. GLASS SMASHES AND ETHEL SCREAMS BIRDS TWEET IN BACKGROUND Some shelter. Full of glass. Morrison shelters. That Mr Morrison must be a proper twerp. Good job the boy wasn’t in it. He’s only been gone two days. The old Dorothy Perkins is still in bloom. She survived. Pity he didn’t take his teddy with him. ETHEL GASPS Oh, Ernest. How much more of this is there going to be? PIANO MUSIC AND CHEERING CHATTER AND LAUGHTER CHEERING AND LAUGHTER Ernest? What? Careful, that’s your second glass of beer.

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