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Super Elsa and Her Lover

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  • Super Elsa and Her Lover

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    on the final leg of its journey Games a three-hour hop over the iron curtain into North Korea. Dennis asked me last night, you know, he goes, “why are you on board? Why are you doing this?” And I said, “I’m doing this because, first of all”, over the many times that I’ve been to Korea, I’ve grown to just love being here. I like the people. The people are excellent. The food’s great. It’s just a wonderful place to visit. And I look forward to the chance of trying to help bridge this gap that we have between what Americans think about Korea “and what Koreans think about America.” And Americans don’t have an accurate perception of what things are like here, understandably so, because they don’t get any accurate coverage of what the situation is. They don’t know, you know? And I try to tell people what I see here, my experiences. I’ve always thought the Korean people are so friendly and warm and inviting, even if I am a U.S. imperialist bastard, they’re still nice to me. And always friendly, and they’re always warm. Really nice to meet you. How you doing? There he is. Back home again. Good to see you, buddy. Oh! Once again, Dennis has arrived on North Korean soil. And after settling in his hotel, he’s taken straight to an -course welcome dinner with the North Korean sports minister. He’s told that Kim Jung-Un is too busy to attend, which is no surprise seeing as he’s just purged his Uncle. In The Marshal’s absence, plans are made for the next few days. And for the good health of our dear, respected Marshal, Kim Jong-Un, the leader of our party and people. And for the good health of Mr. Dennis Rodman and all the party members here, I would like to propose a toast. It’s a relaxed first evening. But tomorrow, it’s down to business. The next morning, Dennis is up early and ready for action. The January game is just a few weeks away, and Dennis is in a race to get everything ready in time. His first stop is the stadium where the historic match-up will take place. Waiting for Dennis is a select group of North Korea’s best

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