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Super Dora Beautiful Clothing

Super Dora Beautiful Clothing


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Super Dora Beautiful Clothing Description

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He’s far too young for motorbikes. And I see it’s back to the long hair already. Well, he’s demobbed now, dear. Cheerio, Mum! Cheerio, Dad! Bye, dear! Bye, son! He’s got three certificates now. Yeah, but they’re only art certificates. They won’t get him a job. One is from London University. Yeah, I know, but Games He can put letters after his name. Just like a doctor. Hello, Susie. It says they’re wanting to legalise homouality. Oh. What’s that? Well, you know. It’s like two blokes Games only instead of with a woman, it’s sort of with one another, like. I don’t know what you’re rambling on about, Ernest, and I don’t think you do either. I’ll put the kettle on, shall I, duck? A nice cup of tea. Surprise, dear! What? Hey, presto! Mind, the sun will fade my loose covers. Look. What? Do you see anything? No. Nothing new, different? No. That green car? Well, what about it? Triumph Herald, it wasn’t there yesterday. There’s always different cars stuck outside our house nowadays. Well, that one is special. What’s special about it? It’s ours! Oh, don’t be daft, Ernest. Come on, dear. Get in. Oh, er Games I don’t like to. I’ve still got my pinny on. And I haven’t done my hair. Come on! Is it really yours? Ours, darling. Shut the door, we’ll go for a spin. I didn’t know you could drive a proper car. Letter from Raymond. Crumbs! The average male manual worker earns £, s and d a week. Blimey! I must be below average, then. Oh, it doesn’t apply to you, Ernest. You’re not a manual worker. Oh, he’s going to be a teacher. Oh, good. That’s a bit more regular. It’s in a college of art. That’s better. Thank God it’s not just an art school. Part-time. Well, part-time is no good. That’s more for women. One-day a week, look. Blimey. He gets almost as much for one day as I get for the whole bloody week. Ernest! Oh, “See you on the th. “I’ll be bringing Games Jean with me.” Here they come, Ette. Hello, Mum. Dad. This is Jean. Hello, Jean. Hello. Hello, dear. Oh! Look at you. Here’s a comb. Mum, I haven’t seen you for a month. I’ve just brought my future wife to meet you.

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