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Super Disneyland Fun Day

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  • Super Disneyland Fun Day

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    to go on unplanned trips like this game and spend time together game than just dating. Should we run? Yes. Aren’t you tired? No. They had fun because they were together. Let’s go. Let’s come back soon. A special meeting at Sangam MBC. Hello. Hi. That coat looks nice on you. It does, right? It’s the one Min Seok gave her. Right. It looks great on Ye Won. It’s really pretty. Last night, I was thinking about how this was going to end, and made me feel so weird. I couldn’t go to sleep. Me neither. I had a hard time falling asleep. Time really flies. It does. We can’t feel it though. It’s been nine months. To be honest, we are quite sad to part like this, leaving behind all your love and support, but we have decided to go our own separate ways game for a better future. It’s been nine months since we were on this programme. There’s a saying that says, “Know when to bow out.” I know we didn’t do so much to deserve all the love. I know that game all we did was spend good times in each other’s company. But I think it’s best game to leave now with game only the good memories. That’s why we’ve decided to end it here. Really? Yes. I slept for only two hours. What’s that? It’s the mission card. A mission card arrives along with a huge box. You can just open it like this. I see. What? What is this? I know what our mission is. They are self-camcorders. Really? What do these devices have to do with their last day? “Spend your last hours doing all the things game ” “you’ve wanted to do but couldn’t for the days you were married.” Things we’ve wanted to do. There’s more on the back. “The staff and production crew won’t accompany you,” “so film yourselves with the camera you’re given.” “Start the timer game ” “the moment you begin your last date.” So it’s just going to be the two of us? What is this? That’s why they gave us the camcorder. So they’re going alone? We have to film ourselves. What’s this? It’s a self-camcorder. We can carry it around like this. These self cameras will be in charge today. Like this?

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