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Super Dark Princess Haircuts

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  • Super Dark Princess Haircuts

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    That’s pretty. Thanks. My mom named rne after the Balanchine Ballet. So, you’re a dancer? Yup. I’m Johnnie. Nice to meet you. I’m home! Is that my delinquent roommate? Yes. What is that smell? Oh, I cremated my pointe shoes. I see. It works. They’re as hard as a rock. Where have you been? I had a bit of an adventure. [Jazzy] Without me? Sit. I want details. I met this guy Games in a weird, weird incident. And he’s moody, and edgy. And eccentric. What does he look like? I don’t know how to describe him, actually. Well, is he cute? He’s more like fierce y. Ugh! I love the sound of that. Did you get his number? Yeah. Where does he live? Uptown. I think he said, “Inwood.” [upbeat dance music playing] Ruby, that’s atrocious! Jason, wait till you’re behind the music! [Jazzy] How are you doing? I’ve never heard anything like this. It’s like G.l. Joe Jazz! Hang in there. [Oksana] Shaun, what’s going on back there? You’re late! Good, April! That slide needs to be bigger. And UP! Great roll, I like this. Hit that line, ladies. That’ll do. Next. How do you pick up those combinations so fast? I know! Ruby, can I see you, please? I know you’re trying to get a handle on my style. But without Contemporary, you can’t be competitive in the professional world and that just won’t fly with this school. I understand that, and believe me, I am willing to do whatever it takes to catch up. I promise. Well, I want to see it next class. A bit tough on Ruby, don’t you think? It’s because she’s so talented. Ah, interesting technique. Well, don’t you have thirty two fortes to unleash on your next class? [Kramrovsky chuckles] Hey, Neal, it’s Johnnie Blackwell here. I’ve left you a ton of messages and I haven’t heard anything back from you. Got my cash, and I really need that Green Card. Call me, please. [phone beeps] [grunts angrily] Hey, whoa, what are you doing? Going to see my lawyer. You’ve got to sign in here first. Who do you want to see? Neil Tamlen. From Tamlen and Ginsburg Law Firm. No, you got the wrong building, buddy. I don’t think so.

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