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Super Dancing Girl

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  • Super Dancing Girl

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    Super Dancing Girl Description

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    I? Ah, you will, you will. And your mother and your father, and plenty more besides. Come on now, in you go. Come on, come on. Here we are. Ah, come on. Tell me, where are we going? Come on, come on! We’ll have a party to wake the dead. Who are youse? These are the Webbs, Fallon. Mr. and Mrs. Webb, and they’ve a child asleep next door. What are they doing here? Lodgers, Broom. New lodgers. God bless youse, Mr. Webb and Mrs. Webb. I’m Fallon. This is Mr. Broom Games Gamesand this is Mrs. Flynn. Yeah, Mrs. Flynn, my newfound cousin from Donegal, eh? We’ll have a party, eh, all of us? Fit for the kings of Ireland, huh? You ! Lodgers, lodgers? What’d ya take in lodgers for without asking me and Fallon first? We need the money, Broom. How much did you get? Two bob. Give us it. I haven’t got it. It’s spent. It’s spent, Broom. Spent? On what? Food. Two shillings on food? You lying . Wait Games here. Never, never lie to Broom. Kate, when I give you the nod, get rid of, what’s their name, Webbs. How do you mean “get rid of them”? Ah! Take ’em to your sisters, anywhere, just get rid of ’em! Me and Fallon’s got work to do. Hmm? Mommy! Mommy! Ah, please yourself. Whee! Oh, God help me. Me feet are worn out. And for having me boots off. Here, have a drop of gin, darling. That’ll do your head good. Oh, dear. With all its shortcomings, I believe this city of ours gives us much cause for pride. Good men walk in dignity and peace, and children play in green places. I agree with Dr. Stevens. This city has a heart of goodness. And the bowels of squalor. One cannot deny the poor exist. We must do for them what we can. This is a very cultured city. We have theaters and libraries and art galleries. You can’t deny that, Dr. Rock. And as my husband says, that is a cause for pride. Observe with pride the homeless and the hopeless and the insane and the wretchedly drunken, lying in their rags on the stinking cobbles. Look at the beggars and the cripples and the tainted children and the pitiful, doomed girls. Then, Dr. Stevens,

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