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Super Cute Emo Boy Dress Up 4

Super Cute Emo Boy Dress Up 4


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Super Cute Emo Boy Dress Up 4 Description

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crawling. The hat’s sick, bro. Oh, guess who got it for me? Who? Mr George. Of course he did. It looks so good on you. I’ve never seen one like that before. It’s amazing. It’s a wooden hat, bro. That’s sick. Knock on wood now. George, where’s my hat? We’ll find you game I’ve got quite a big head. Are you good with hats? I don’t usually wear them, to be honest, but if you give me a hat, I’ll wear it. Will is a hat guy like me. I went into his dressing room and it was like Hat City! Yeah. The next battle game OK. We’ll carry on with the hat talk. This is going to be special. Oh, I’m excited about this. Ready to battle, it’s Team Boy George. CHEERING I just can’t stop loving you game I wanted to put Charley and Harry together because it was like youth and experience. ..Let it go Just let it be game Moving away from home’s been scary. Being at uni’s been amazing so far, but I do miss my mum. Will you be all right? Yeah, I’ll be fine. You sure? I was really surprised that I was the only person that turned. I was like, “Man, these people have got no taste.” It was SO good. I certainly wasn’t expecting you to look like you do, and I certainly wasn’t expecting you to be wearing shoes like that. So quirky. Wow! Can’t you see that I’m lonely? Rescue me game Charley has real character to her voice. I was like, “Oh, she sounds like Lulu.” She just sounded real. Rescue me. Wow. They’re very different, so it’s a way of forcing maybe Charley to be a little bit more modern. Harry has the kind of youthful braveness so he’ll bring his own tone to it. When you’re trying to be too perfect, it loses something, and I think, “Don’t be frightened “to have vulnerability.” OK. You’re a young ‘un, but you’ll learn. Don’t try to be perfect, be beautiful. I want more from you. I think you’ve got a lot of experience and you’re being very polite. OK. We don’t need polite. OK. Two opposite ends of the spectrum singing together in some ways it’s unfair, but then who said life was fair? HE CHORTLES Bring on Charley! Up against Harry!

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