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Super Cover Girl

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  • Super Cover Girl

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    Super Cover Girl They can’t do that! Yes, they can. Listen to me when I say we need to take care of ourselves. I picked a heck of a week to quit coughing up hair balls. Hmm, I’m hungry. Did somebody say food? Tommy? Always thinking with your stomach. Can you change that, please? Do you think Tommy will put out some food? No, Mittens. Mom says we need to take care of ourselves. I say we find our own food. No more loafing. Huh? No more what? Tommy! Come on, Hairball. Let’s get that food. Ah, you know I would, but it’s a little high, and nine lives is short if you really think about it. Fine. I’ll go myself. Just try not to land on your head if you fall. Whoa, cramp! Be careful, Patches! Uhoh. Here it goes. Whoa, oh, oh! Oh, no! Heads up! Incoming! Tommy! Bail! Let’s get out of here! Sorry, Patches. Oh, no. I just mopped in here yesterday. Now I’m gonna have to do it again. I’ll help you clean up. No. You go outside, and water the plants. I will clean up. They probably didn’t mean it. I’m sure they were just hungry. I’m sure. Outside, please. And don’t forget to close the door! Tommy, do this. Tommy, do that. Why can’t you do something for a change? Guys, I feel sorry for Tommy. Way to go, Patches! Hey, it’s not my fault, Mittens. It’s always your fault. Shh! Listen! What is that? Oh game My game Gosh! I thought you two broke it. We did! Yet there it is! It’s impossible! It’s horrible! It’s the Devil! Run! Run! It’ll eat us all in one bite! Gotta go! Gotta go! We gotta get out of here! Go! Go! Go! Right behind you, guys. Hello, tail. Don’t look back! Patches, slow down! Wait! It’s still coming for us! Gotta go. Gotta go. Gotta go! No, no, no, no, no, no! Patches, look out! Ouch! Timber! No. Oh, no! Tommy, how about we try to keep the kittens off my lawn? And that’s my cue to leave. Okay, buddy? Okay. Sorry, Mr. Bramble. I’ll help. No, no, no, no, no, no, no. That’s okay. Now, Tommy, I’m gonna level with you. These games have been in my family for generations. Creepy. It’s not creepy. It’s a tribute to the true meaning of Christmas. Sad.

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