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Super Cover Girl 4

Super Cover Girl 4


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Super Cover Girl 4 Description

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Super Cover Girl 4 As if you never trained yourself. This is a physically demanding phase. We’re about to go to the races. Back in my times we were never forced to take anything. What is this Stromba? Itjust helps muscles grow. If it were to hurt her I don’t want you to give it to her. Relax. It’s under medical supervision. Everybody takes it nowadays. Where do you think the East Germans and Russians have their results from? Anna must reach the time limit. No Stromba, no way. Bye. Martina, come, let’s go. Don’t let it spoil our evening. Tomas’s parents say it’s strong anabolic. It can kill you. Bohdan says you’re under medical supervision. I don’t know. Enjoy the meal. He wouldn’t mean to hurt you. He’s trying to help you. What about those who never get any help? Tough luck, right? Are you not going to eat? I’m going to train and prove them I can perform even without that stuff. Do you know what is your position at the Centre? As far as I know Bohdan, he’d rather expel you than get into a trouble. So what am I supposed to do? I don’t know. We’ll pretend you keep taking it. They’ll find out at the first checkup. Perhaps they won’t. Mum, the carp is burning! Jesus. Open it up for me. Anna, speed up! Move it! Anna! Anna, come on, what are you doing? Keep going, don’t be so sloppy! Come on! Run! What’s wrong with you? What are you doing? Pulse check. Steady. Now. . . What? It’s too high. Besides you started early. Cheating like a little girl. That’s not true. Yes, it is. You know I hate swindling. Look at Martina here. How much better is she? So let’s do this once again. Let’s go. Buzz off! I don’t know how about you but I hate Bohdan’s bullshit. Honesty, yeah right. I heard this Stromba is doping. Haven’t you heard that? Even a child knows it’s the juice. Wait, how can you be so calm? There are doping controls. If they find out, you’re done. It’s a cheat. It’s banned. Don’t take it if it’s banned then. What is it? A letter from your dad. Really? Why so sudden? Is it because I spoke to him? You did? When? And how? Why didn’t you tell me?

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