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Super Cool Star Stylin

Super Cool Star Stylin


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Super Cool Star Stylin Description

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This river winds all the way to Richmond. Now, if I was to put you to sleep Games Games you’d miss some of the prettiest scenery in all of Virginia. Colonel, in my inside pocket, where my money used to be Games Games there’s a cigar. You could get it for me. Or better yet Games Games I could get it for myself. Bust him, colonel, sir! Make him shut his big mouth. Confederate man-of-war? Kelly, we’ve got to have that beef. The army and the whole South is starving. That’s your problem, not mine. Damn it! If hungry people don’t mean anything to you, this should! That already belongs to me. We’ll double it. In gold, colonel? Are you suggesting our currency is no good, sir? Can I tell you what for? Colonel, I have to hand it to you. You’re not just half-mad. How do you figure you’re going to get head of cattle Games Games over Grant’s lines? By balloon? Nope. We don’t have that many balloons. All right, we can’t get over them. But we can go around. We can make this big circle. Come up behind the plantation. Then we just shoo those cattle back the way we came. Just “shoo” them back? That’s right. You know there’s a small army guarding those steers. Don’t you expect a fight? I’ll handle the military. You handle the herd. Fair division. Then you’ll do it? Mr. Harrison, I intend to die in bed, in the arms of a beautiful woman. We all share that wish, sir. I do not intend to die from a Yankee bullet. So I say the hell with it, colonel. You’re not walking out of here. This city is swarming with spies, and you know our plan. Worth nothing. You couldn’t even try it without me. Oh, look at the soldier boy! Morning. Morning. Enjoying yourself? Oh, yes. I like cockroaches with my soup. Specialty of the house. You about ready to leave? Not under your terms. But I’ve got some advice for you. Yeah? What’s that? Nobody’s even gonna start to move that herd out without drovers. My Comanches can handle it. Cavalry? Top riders. Fought under Jeb Stuart. Any Texans among them? Cowhands? They’re Virginians. And there’s no damn thing anybody can do on a horse they can’t match.

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