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Super Christmas Party

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  • Super Christmas Party

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    George, time for you to make your decision. Well, you know game ..I knew that this was going to be once of the most difficult pairings, cos I like you both, for very different and similar reasons. Um game for me, that performance was owned by game Harry. Harry! He’s funny, he’s so sweet. Harry, congratulations. You remain on Team Boy George. How are you feeling? I can’t actually game I think I’m going to go off and just cry. Thank you so much. Go see George. You can cry on his shoulder. Harry, everyone! CHEERING I’m loving the coordination! Thank you so much. PALOMA: So beautiful. Hello! OK. Charley, so you’re no longer on Team Boy George, but another coach could snap you up. Why should they do that? Because I entered this competition, wanted George to turn round and he did. I worked so hard. And you should definitely, definitely be doing this. It’s in your blood. You’re very good at it. I appreciate that. Thank you. OK, Charley, well, once again, your future now lies with the coaches. Charley, you are now available for a steal. AUDIENCE SHOUTS OUT She’s got a great voice but game Not today, I’m afraid. Sorry, George. It’s really tough, isn’t it? I’m so sorry. It’s OK. I’ve had a fantastic time. Thank you so much. Please, put your hands together one more time for Charley! Hi. You absolutely have to go with your head held high cos that was amazing. Thanks for giving me the opportunity, George. You’re amazing. It was close but Harry has that kind of slightly guttural kind of thing. It’s untamed, it’s a lot of natural soul. He’s got a big future ahead of him and I just think he had the edge. Aw game It’s just the most incredible feeling. It doesn’t feel real. It doesn’t feel like it’s just happened. I’ve got to stop crying. Why are YOU crying?! Stop crying! Everyone just stop crying, OK? How do you feel, George? I think I made the right choice, but it was REALLY tough. GENTLE LAUGHTER Do you want to swap seats? GEORGE CHUCKLES Come on. We will, we will rock you game AUDIENCE CLAPS IN TIME We will, we will rock you Buddy,

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