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Super Casuals 4

Super Casuals 4


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Super Casuals 4 Description

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that’s going on down here, Carl. It’s close, man. I can see it. Right here, right on the strand. Carl and James’ Surf Shop. It’s gold. It’s gold, James. It’s a gold mine. Just think of the garbage business as a way station on the road to Nirvana. Well maybe now you’re a single man again, you’ll be able to put more time and energy into it. Whoa. Wait a minute, wait a minute. Hold on, wait a minute, just a second. I have put a lot of energy into getting our surf shop together. And we’d be a lot further along if I didn’t have to do the work for two. Pardon me? Let’s not forget that it was me who chose the bank that we went to to get our loan. Let’s not forget that we didn’t even get the loan. I mean it’s not like you researched it, James. You picked the name out of the Yellow Pages. What exactly are Games Good God! What exactly are you trying to say here, Carl? What I’m trying to say, James, is that sometimes you are completely hopeless. Really? Yes. Hey, Carl. Yeah. What exactly did you mean by hopeless? I meant exactly what I said. I still don’t understand. Well, let’s examine the word. ““Hopeless.” Less than hopeful. That’s what you are. But am I majorly hopeless or partially hopeless? I would say majorly. Why do you ask? I’ll try to change. No, you won’t. I need to talk to you, Leo. Jack, nice to see you. I need your help on something, Leo. I know who’s responsible for the toxic dumping off Las Playas, and I’m kind of involved. Jesus, Jack. I just never thought it would go this far. Look, it’s all on the tape. Listen to this. [PARTY MUSIC] What is this? Some kind of a joke? This is not the right tape. She took the wrong tape! What are you talking about? The wrong tape! Hey, wait a minute. Come on. Let’s do the nasty. Do we have to? Yeah, afraid so. Nasty! Nasty! Nasty! Nasty! Yeah, Dalton here. Listen, Jack Berger was in here earlier today. Claimed he knew who was responsible for those Las Playas offshore dumpings. Claimed he had some kind of a tape that could prove it. I don’t know. This might be nothing,

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