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Super Candy New Nails

Super Candy New Nails


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Super Candy New Nails Description

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Thank you so much. It’s been a pleasure. I am sure your husband would be really off you. Yeah he is. Janhvi, I love you so much. Aryan What happened? Why you are not talking to me? Aryan Games Aryan. I miss you. I love you Janhvi. Aryan, what are you doing here? Aryan Games Aryan what are you doing here? Janhvi. Aryan, stop it Aryan, behave in the Office. Madam Games madam you were talking to some one? No, not at all. Yes, these are important papers on which your signature is required. Fine, keep it their and please leave me alone for ten minutes. Are you ok, madam? Yes, I am fine. Will you please leave now? I am sorry. Please stay away from me. What has happened between us was our Games it was the most beautiful moment of our life. That was over mistake, Aryan. Hey, last night I dreamt Games you me and a new world Games our world. Aryan, I misunderstood my husband. That Radha Mehta was an interior designer. He is making a dream house for me and Radha was only helping him. There was nothing between them. He really loves me. But you love me. No, I don’t love you. I love my husband. You have supported me, Aryan. In time of pains and depression you have always been there for me. I like your company very much. But we will have to forget that mistake, Aryan. It happens and we have to be mature enough to understand. Look into my heart and see. What my love, You are to me, to me, to me. Thanks for the dinner. Thanks for the evening. Thanks for everything. What is the problem? Why you have become so formal now a days. Contract of Jackson and Jackson has been signed. Hey that’s terrific baby. I am jealous. To complete some formalities I will have to go to New Zealand. Yes. Can’t you take out ten days for me Aadi? Only ten days, Aadi. I want to go away from this atmosphere. Sorry, ten days are difficult. I can take out twelve days. You know I am Games I feel like Richie Rich. Rich wife’s poor husband. Shut up, Aadi. True, but listen, why there is so much hurry for going? After four days it is your birthday.

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