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Super Bridesmaid

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  • Super Bridesmaid

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    Where’s the risk? Dad, how could you just let him take our car like that? He didn’t take anything. We took him. He overpaid by $. Come on, Frank. Let’s return the suit. PAULA SOBBING This place is good. It’s small but, you know it’s going to be a lot less work. A lot less work for you. JACKHAMMER DRILLING INDISTANCE KEYS CLANK FRANK: Hey, Dad. Hi. Where’s your mother? I don’t know. She said something about going to look for a job. What’s she gonna be a shoe salesman at a centipede farm? LAUGHING BOTH LAUGHING What are you doing? BOTH LAUGHING You want some pancakes? For dinner? On my son’s th birthday? We’re not gonna eat pancakes. Come on, why are you looking at me like that? You thought I forgot? I didn’t think you forgot. I opened a checking account in your name. I put $ in the account so you can buy whatever you want. Don’t tell your mother. I won’t. Thanks, Dad. Yep. Didn’t that bank turn you down for a loan, though? Yes, they all turned me down. CHUCKLES Then why you opening a banking account with them? Well, because one day, you’ll want something from these people game a house, a car. They have all the money. There’s checks there, Frank which means, from this day on game you’re in their little club. I’m in their little club. You got that, you got it all. It’s even got my name there, huh? To the moon. To the moon! To the moon. BELLS TOLLING See that? It’s just a school. No different than Westbourne. Ma game you said you were going to quit. Frankie, you don’t have to wear the uniform here. Why don’t you take off your jacket? I’m used to it. INDISTINCT CONVERSATION Excuse me. Oh, yes? Do you know where room French is? GIRL: Yeah, it’s game SNICKERING SCHOOL BELL RINGING BOY: But you frickin’ killed him. LOUD INDISTINCT CONVERSATION You selling encyclopedias? Yeah, he looks like a substitute teacher. BOY LAUGHING LOUD CONVERSATION AND LAUGHTER CONTINUES Quiet down, people! My name is Mr. Abagnale! That’s Abagnale, not Abagnahlee not Abagnaylee, but Abagnale! Now,

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