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Super Beach Slacking

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  • Super Beach Slacking

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    Super Beach Slacking No, it will never happen. Never say never in Vegas. Floyd “Money” Mayweather! I’ma get my dollar sign Game Stop! Floyd! Can you let him go, man? Please! Let him go! Let him go! Bennett, get up! He’s way too aggressive! Listen, Floyd, he didn’t mean no harm, man. He just a fan, that’s all. I follow you on Twitter and MySpace. That’s all that is. Dude, we didn’t mean no disrespect. We here, my friend’s getting married. We having a bachelor party tonight. We gonna do it at the Caesar’s in the Constantine Villa. Nice. I’m just trying to splurge and show him a good time. That’s what you call $, a night? He doesn’t have a gold card. That’s the problem. Dude, one of you guys gotta research that for him. You know what? You gotta just look that up yourself, but it’s a good investment. Let me get you this. This is where we gonna be at tonight. Just read it, guys! It’s a flyer, man! Here, Floyd? Floyd, can you see me? Let me slide it. Floyd, can you get that? Get the flyer. Floyd, did you see it? All right, that’s where we at, man. I’m gonna come check this out. Cool. Well, okay Game You know, you all goin’. ‘Cause you all got stuff to do. Goin’, man. Thank you again. There goes Justin Bieber’s best friend! Champ, champ, champ! In this battle of the gamees, whichever group came back with the best stories would win, and I was determined to keep us ahead of the girls. This is where it happens at, fellas. Okay? We on home base right now, casino floor. Now look, let’s pick our poison. What is your problem, Bennett? Where you goin”? Slots! Pharaoh’s fortune. Tish gave me bucks to gamble with this weekend. Bennett, you walking around with a purse on, you talking about playing slots? What is your problem? It’s a fannypack, it’s not a purse. I don’t care what it is, it’s attached to your spine! What’s wrong with slots? Everything is wrong with slots! We’re not a group of old women that just bussed in here from Bakersfield! Now listen to me. We came here as a group and we gonna play as a group. Let’s play Blackjack. I only played blackjack

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