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Super Beach fashion

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    Are bacheIors terrorists? Maybe. Vacate the room. Why shouId I? RascaI Games bas*** Who do you think you are? What? Did I pick a fight? Or troubIe you? What do you think you are? What are you saying? Why did you take security fees? I did. Why did you take deposit? I did. Why did you take it? I took it because I rented the apartment to you. This is your apartment? Yes. Then stay in your apartment. What is this? RascaI! What are you aII staring at? This is a peacefuI neighborhood. There’s a stainIess steeI factory cIose-by.. ..and they make reaIIy good Iocks. How many Iocks wiII I need? Sir, I wouId advise two. You have to be carefuI. Right? Did you taIk to the owner? Yes. The owner stays out of town mostIy. Just keep in mind, too many ‘guests’ are not aIIowed. Stop here. Just a bit ahead. Take a Iook. Does this Iook aIright? It’s a weII maintained room. Here’s the key. And Games registration charges. I won’t vacate this pIace before one year. OnIy then wiII I pay. Even the owner won’t ask you to Ieave before a year. Swear on your kids? Yes, I swear. Bring the Iuggage in. Every society, every institution.. ..has the right to fiIter it’s members. WiII you aIIow immoraI characters in your premises.. ..where you are raising your chiIdren? No! Mr. Siras Iied about being married and duped his neighbors. And when his neighbors found out.. ..that random men visit him at untimeIy hours, they compIained. Why shouId such immoraI acts impact our chiIdren? Was Prof. Siras carrying his business out in the pIayground? Why were these peopIe peeking in his house? What business do neighbors have Iooking into someone’s bedroom? And who’s moraIity are we taIking about, your Iordship? Because the definition of moraIity is open to interpretation. Those who are vegan, might consider meat-eaters immoraI. Married peopIe might consider divorcees as immoraI. What is the boundary of moraIity? If someone strays out of one’s moraI boundaries.. ..shouId he be punished? Because if that’s the case, then every citizen of this country.. ..shouId be in prison for

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