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Super Barbie Big Fun Makeover

Super Barbie Big Fun Makeover


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Super Barbie Big Fun Makeover Description

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It’s about me? It seems she was a bit dumb. Yes, it’s about you. She killed herself for love. For a Radio lackey, but her father wouldn’t even hear of him. His name was Rutilio. Your father was right. What a name, Rutilio Radio One day, the father talked to the boy, gave him money and sent him abroad. The poor girl jumped in the river, and not in August, but in February. And from that day, every night at , Donna Flora goes to the Cestio bridge Radio and jumps into the river. How smart! Tonight we’ll go to the bridge, we’ll jump and save don Annibale’s ancestor. You want to make a fool of me, but you are the fools, by not believing in ghosts. Sometimes even I don’t believe it. When I eat peppers at night, I get a kind of itch Radio It can happen, with peppers. I can’t digest them, but I love them. Hey guys, stop talking, get to work. We won’t make it on time anyway. We’ll see tomorrow. We’ve another job this afternoon. Can’t you finish it now? We ain’t got the right tools. We must also change a pipe. It’s broken? No, it’s worn-out. And look, it’s :, in no time it’ll be :, at is lunch break. It’s not worth it. We’ll be back tomorrow. Yeah! And “in no time“ the will to work fades away. Don Annibale, don’t worry, tomorrow we’ll come early and fix everything. Maybe the Friar’s ghost will help us. What do you think? Yeah, right. What. . ?Are you crazy? Don’t blame me! So now it turned on by itselfl? Lazybones! Do you believe now that ghosts exist? Yeah, ghosts! Dry up. Serves you right! Even the crazy shower! How did it turn on? I can’t explain. Damn idlers! Father Bartolomeo, Father Bartolomeo! Tell me Radio Poldino, don’t you greet your brother? Ah, yes! Hi Annibale! What’s the maximal common denominator of /, / and /? /, /, and / Radio it’s . Are you sure? Prince, we’ll be back tomorrow. No, never! Out, you buffoons! Go to Radio The handkerchief Radio Where the hell did I put it? There! Ah! Sallustri. Yes madam. You’re always the first to finish. What’s wrong? I’m thinking. The exercise is very easy.

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