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Super Baby Electric Shock

Super Baby Electric Shock


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Super Baby Electric Shock Description

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When was the last time you emptied that dumpster? Well, normally every week. But the streets have been so torn up out there… it’s been about three weeks. Thank you. No problem. Tim And just have copies made for everyone in the office. Thank you. Hey. Hey. Can I buy you lunch? Oh, gawd, that’d be great, but I’ve got a meeting to prepare for this afternoon. Do you have a minute now? It’s a legal question. Um…sure. Yeah, okay. Kate I just dropped off the kids at their grandparents. Right, we pick them up Sunday before the game. I don’t think they can take care of them. What do you mean? They’re getting old. Logan’s a real handful. Are they going to wake up when he cries? Grandma Patterson doesn’t have the slightest clue what to feed him. They are the children’s grandparents. And whether they’re capable of caring for them or not is Mike’s call, don’t you think? Now, what’s your question? I’ve got a mountain of stuff here. Simple. How can we become the kids’ legal guardians if something happens to Mike? I think the personal question precedes the legal here. And that is, do we even want them? Or do I have no say in the matter at all? You even listen to what I have to say? Of course I do, Tim, but… We’ve been trying… We’ve been trying to have our own kids. And to answer your question, yes, Mike could name us as guardians for his children. But that is something that we need to talk about first. Billings There he is. Mike What is it? What’s going on? Billings I’m arresting you for the murder of Ann Harding. You know, this isn’t exactly what I had in mind when I asked for results. Billings Turn around, Mike. You know, detective, I think you’re going to be very embarrassed. I’ll Mirandize you on the way downtown. keys clink door squeaks open clang You’ve got no idea. Well, I can imagine. I thought I was going to be in there for a long, long time. Where’d you come up with the $,? I didn’t. Richard McGuire’s one of the best. Certainly in this city he’s tops. He said the preliminary hearings will be in about , days. Mike…

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