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Super Autumn Fashions

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  • Super Autumn Fashions

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    cast blame on someone else That’s impossible Such a highly skilled swordsmen would not need to use poison Thank you So you’ve kept your image even though you spend your time courting women You ask him to come and you don’t take revenge What do you want? We have a favour to ask from you two Tell me, I’ll see what I can do Please take good care of my sister One more thing, Master Dragon I want two gold medals from you Wow, you say you want it Do you know how much it costs? How much? million taels for one! But, if you really want it, just give me a small red packet Thanks Unconcerned persons prohibited from entering palace Am I unconcerned? I am Princess Phoenix! I am sorry I can’t let anyone in without instructions from above How dare you? I tell you I am not in a good mood, I give you one more chance Are you giving way or not? But game Princess, they are only following orders Please don’t make it difficult for them I only want to find someone in there What’s wrong with that? Who do you want to find? That’s none of your business Of course But if you want to find Cool-Son Yeh then may be I can help You know where’s him? I have secretly placed a bet So I have a duty to protect them till the duel tonight – Take me there – Yes Cool-Son Yeh It’s you? You don’t look too well, have you recovered? I’m fine I have seen Simon the Snow Blower’s skills Although it is not as powerful as your “Hovering Heavenly Fairy” But his stances are very quick and very forceful too That’s good Why? If he is not a good master Then it’s meaningless for me to have the duel with him tonight But you have not recovered yet I’m okay, it’s going to be fine But game can’t you refit a date? No. No one game game can back out from the fight today Neither of us can change it We must fight Men are that strange Honour is more important than life So tonight we can die, but we cannot back out Why can’t I know you before the duel? Whatever happens tonight, it does not matter If you are by my side I have no regrets Really? No No one has thought highly Super Autumn Fashions

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