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Super Anna and Kristoff’s Time

Super Anna and Kristoff’s Time


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Super Anna and Kristoff’s Time Description

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I’m sad. I decide, I’m getting out, I’m leaving. I don’t say “bye” anymore. I’m done with byes. I Irish exit. If you don’t know what that is basically- yelling from audience Yes, everybody knows what it is, so I don’t have to explain. Just get the out. Who cares? But I added something to it that you guys can use. Here’s what you do, you say one thing you really wanna do and then leave. You go, “Man, I’d love a bath.” Then leave and your friends will be like, “Where the are you?” “I’m in a bath.” “You were serious?” “Yes, I said I wanted a bath.” Then you’re good, okay? I go home, I’m depressed now, I’m sad. I go to my room. I’m drunk, I decide I’m gonna YouTube some sad . Not like, “Hey, I’m gonna kill myself.” Just like, “Let me get a good cry in, before bed.” Like, you’ve never done that? You’ve never done that on YouTube? So, I start searching and I stumbled across the British X Factor. You ever seen that in your life? Not the American one. These kids have it too good. You have to do the British one, with the little orphan kids ’cause that hits the heart right away. That will get you immediately. Where the host is like, British accent “What’s your name?” Kid’s like, British accent “I don’t have a name.” Like, I’m just drunk and naked in my room, I have to pause it, like, “Give me a minute. Why doesn’t he have a name? You could have a name. Name yourself. You can name yourself ‘Steel’ and have fun with it.” I turned it back on, it was even worse. The host is like, British accent “Where are your shoes?” Kid’s like, British accent “I’ve never owned shoes before.” I’m like, “Pause! I mean, give him shoes! The show can give him shoes! You’re gonna let him walk around England with no shoes? It’s all stone roads, I think.” I turned it back on, it was even worse. The host is like, British accent “Have you ever sang before?” Kid’s like, “Um Games British accent Actually, I’ve never sang, but Games I figured, if I sing from my heart Games then maybe my parents can hear me and have, like, a family again.” “That’s it

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