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Super Angel Princess

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  • Super Angel Princess

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    her for a long time, then he smiled sweetly, you know the way he does when he’s wanting to charm? Thank you, my dear, but you must excuse me. I have to make an exit, and he ran off. He said, I have to make an exit? Well, of course, I followed him, fearing the worst. I didn’t know he could run so fast. I just followed this trail of discarded clothing, the jacket, the waistcoat, and I thought, We can’t have Sir doing a striptease round town. But then I found him. Leaning up against a lamppost. Weeping. Where? Outside the Kardomah. Without a word, hardly knowing what I was doing, I led him to the hospital. The sister didn’t recognise him, although later she said she’d seen him last night as Othello. A doctor was summoned, short, bald, bespectacled, and I was excluded by the drawing of screens. And then you telephoned me. No, I waited. I lurked, as Edgar says, and I heard the doctor whisper, This man is exhausted. This man is in a state of collapse. And that’s how it happened. AIR-RAID SIREN He did nothing but cry. Yes, you said. I left him lying on top of the bed, still in his clothes, crying, no, weeping, as though he’d lost control, had no choice, wept and wept, floodgates. What are we to do? In an hour there will be an audience in this theatre hoping to see him as King Lear. What AM I to do? Well, don’t upset yourself, for a start. Well, I’ve never had to make this sort of decision before. Any sort of decision before. As soon as I came out of the hospital I telephoned Madge and asked her to meet me here as soon as possible. She’ll know what to do. Oh, yes, Madge’ll know what to do. She won’t upset herself, that’s for certain. No, Madge will be ever so sensible. I suppose stage managers have to be. I had a friend once, had been a vicar before falling from the pulpit and landing on the stage. Ever so good as an ugly sister. To the manner born. His wife didn’t upset easily. Just as well, I suppose, all things considered. Madge reminds me of her. Cold, businesslike, boring. The doctor took me into a little room littered with enamel

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