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    It’s a coming-of-age thing. You know, the kid’s gotta learn a whole part of the Torah. He’s gotta sing it and read it. So he recites a mantra and, you know, memorizes it and says it out, and that makes him a man? It’s kind of like a mantra. Yeah, I never thought about it game Yeah. Yeah, I mean game And we all know it’s not really being a man. I mean, you’re . He’s got enough problems, but game It’s kind of similar to what I do. I recited and remembered an oath, a pledge. Said it out loud to my brothers. Did my initiation, and game Now, this is for what? Initiation for game Being Blood, you know. Okay. Had to fight seven different dudes. What do you mean, at the same time? Yeah. Shows strength. When I changed and turned Blood, I was . After that, you get an oath. You get a pledge that you have to recite, you gotta memorize. You know, back in the days, you felt like, boom, I just fought seven dudes. You know, I feel like I’m a man. That’s like my kid’s age. I was . He’s . Jesus Christ, he didn’t have to fight seven guys. A lot of people look at me and say, “You know, Prim, at years old, you’re a kid.” Behind that was I had nobody. And the only people that really embraced me and showed me love game was dudes that my brother knew, and, you know game I joined the life, you know. I made the decision that if I didn’t have the family at home that I wanted, that the family outside on the streets, they accepted me. And game I can’t give it up, but I’m ready for a big change. Like, I don’t want the same things for my kids. You know, I don’t want my son to ever feel like game the only choice he has is the streets. You know? That’s why I take that time. I’m getting money. It’ll be good tomorrow. Promised the kids I’d take ’em to the park. So that means you have to do it. Yeah. And they’re not gonna let you forget. No, especially Nevaeh or Elijah. Why are you with me? Why am I with you? You make me happy. What’s up, baby? What up? What’s good? Yo, you remember BB? Yeah. All right. You remember RayLo? Yeah, what’s up?

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