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Summer Princess

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  • Summer Princess

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    Summer Princess Description

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    Summer Princess Understand? Yes. What did you understand? That you will be back. Wrong. What shall I answer? That you won’t stir from this spot until I’m back. Will you be back? Yes, and very soon. He’s fallen again! Oh my God, how did you scare me. Yes? Now what did I do? Did you understand what I said? Yes. What do you understand? That I scared you. And I’m stupid. Don’t say that. They wanted to send me to the mentally stupid. Because in that boarding school near Poltava where they wanted to send me there were vacancies for girls only. Also, they were in a hurry to deport to report on their work. And you aren’t stupid. You simply shouldn’t be given orders without explaining the reasons. Adults love that. They think a child must obey them blindly. This is what you say. But they said I had to be sent to a boarding school for the mentally stupid! Mentally retarded. It’s just that when you can’t tell between cause and effect, you fall into a stupor. See you. Kiss me too. All right, I’ll be back. Croissants, strudel, burecas, fagottini, marzipan tarts, Chantilly cakes Game How many? Eclairs, pistachio sponge cake Game Looks good. Some millefeuille or fillemeuille Game Want me to buy that? How many? Sale! Sale! Video control! Video control! My home is the Bahamas Game Video control! Christmas! Christmas, Christmas Game Pay for your purchase! Pay for your purchase! Ah! Are you quitting the game? Me? Yes, I am. Sorry. I’m simply afraid for my father. What if they raise scandal? Sure, sure. He’s a diplomat, isn’t he? It’s not that. I just don’t want to upset him. He’s my father. Hem Game You know, you can say that with any certainty only about purebred dogs provided you were present at the mating. I didn’t think you were so sentimental. I’m not sentimental at all! Are these marinated or pickled cucumbers? Are these marinated or pickled cucumbers? What will it be? Two apple pies, please. The cafeteria on the ground floor offers you a wide choice of lowcalorie, vegan and simply delicious takeout foods! Ladies and gentlemen, the show of a Ukrainian movie

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