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Summer preparation

Summer preparation


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Summer preparation Description

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Summer preparation Memphis PD will help us out. The electric company has got a full list of vacant houses. We got plenty of civilian volunteers. Obviously, this takes priority. Everything else is in the back seat from now on till we find these boys. And let me tell you something. We’re gonna find these missing boys. This is Steve Jones. I’m in the woods by that little creek they call Devil’s Den. I found something. I’m on my way. We’ve now found all three bodies. Clothes and bicycles. Copy that. No! No! Oh, God! No! Well, I just wanted to ask y’all about some folks who might have come by. I see y’all had lots of visitors. Mmmhmm. People been kind. And generous. Did a young man named Bobby DeAngelo stop by? Yeah, he come by. His parents are friends of ours. Was there anybody with him? Yeah. Um, this other boy, Chris. Christopher Morgan. They used to drive an ice cream truck around here in the neighborhood. Was it this young man? Mmmhmm. Yeah, that’s him. I think Pam fixed him a plate. There was so much food. Bobby asked us for a picture once of . He, uh Games He come over here and wanted to show a ring of some kind of metal or something like a skull or a snake. And then he asked me for a picture of . And I gave him one. Okay. Okay. Well, we’re gonna need to get some pictures of to show to people we interview, and, um Games Also, we’re, uh, gonna need to go ahead and get blood and hair samples from the two of you. Just, you know, part of our investigation. Take it. Just take it. Just take all of it. I don’t want it. That’s okay. I don’t want it. I don’t want it. Is that gonna help? It’s okay. It’s okay. Oceanside PD. How may I direct your call? Uhhuh. Right. Hey. I’m Chris Morgan. You wanted to talk to me? Last time I seen was about a year and a half ago. When I sold him some ice cream. I’m sure I sold ice cream to all three of those boys. Bobby and me went over to ‘s house ’cause Bobby was close with them. We wanted to show, um, remorse. It felt good. They accepted me. Uh, what was your overall impression of Chris Morgan? Well, look,

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