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Summer Mini Skirt Adventure

Summer Mini Skirt Adventure


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Summer Mini Skirt Adventure Description

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So I can help you. First, let’s open your belt. I’ll put my fingers on your prostate and try to… I’m sorry, I have to… I’ll try something else. I’ll place my fingers behind your testicles and squeeze a little. There we go. This may come as a surprise, but there’s been… …a terrible misunderstanding. Damn you! Did you have to tell him? He was holding my willy! What the ? Help! Goddammit. I had only six payments left of that car. There went my date invitations. Hey, there went my best guitar. Hey… What? The rings. Why do you carry those with you? Leila’s little commitment test. I should decide which of you will give these to me. -Do that later. Let’s get this funeral over with first. So it’ll be me. He gave in. I just pretended to be an injured veteran for a motorcycle club and your unpaid car was blown up, so let’s try to… A car, finally! Over here! Hi. What’s going on? We need a ride to the church. We’ll get the flowers from you, too. Oh my God… Excuse me. The acoustics are terrible. You’ll do fine. I didn’t think there’d be so many people. I can’t see Malena anywhere. I wonder if she knows about Jaana? That may be why she’s not here. You won’t say a word to Malena or anyone else. Let’s put Willy in the ground and go home. What about your bachelor party? What? So that’s what you meant by cheering him up. -No. No cheering up, no party. I’m getting married tomorrow. Exactly. Today is the last chance. Dearly beloved. We’re gathered here to lay Terttu to rest. Terttu? We’re doing it in the face of God… Must be some woman Willy has ed. Excuse me. Madam? Excuse me. I have a little question… Excuse me. This Terttu… Is she in that coffin? Of course she is. With Henrik Kallonen? Who’s that? Putting our faith in Christ… Excuse me. Terttu lived a long and fulfilled… That went well. Hey… This explains everything. What? Willy’s funeral isn’t until three. Goddammit, Antti! Sorry. This got smudged when we ran away. Well, what shall we do now? Should we take a moment of peace and quiet in the chapel? Look at yourselves.

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