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Summer fun

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    Summer fun , Summer fun Games, Play Summer fun Games

    .Bill, this Wipers Times does what it says! Have you seen this poppycock, dress up games? Yes, I have. It’s downright insubordination. That’s maybe why the men seem to like it. The men also like the ladies of the Poperinghe Fancies. Neither are exactly conducive to winning the war. Really? Have you seen the ladies of the Poperinghe Fancies? Summer funOf course not! I think they’re doing their bit. Jolly, buxom girls. They can’t sing, they can’t dance, but noone seems to care, particularly dress up games. I believe the chaps call them glycerine and Vaseline. No idea why. We’re getting off the point here, dress up games. Which is surely that some of the material in this publication is not merely unsuitable, it’s downright treasonable. Like what, in particular? Like this. dress up game. Answers to correspondence. Whoever wrote this should be courtmartialed. Like this item advising young officers not to wear turnedup slacks or shoes when going over the top? What? Lovely, sound advice. A chap wearing turnedup slacks on the battlefield not only looks a bloody fool, Summer fun but he advertises the fact he’s an officer to any halfawake sniper. No, no, no. That is not the offending article. I’m referring to this response to a supposed query from a junior officer. “Dear Subaltern. “No. “The death penalty is not enforced “in the case of murdering a senior officer, “as you will always be able to claim extenuating circumstances.” That’s a joke. It’s an incitement to mutiny dress up game, I’ll have him shot.

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