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Summer Fashion

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    Summer Fashion Shark. Hmm? This is as far as I go. I mean, people go further, sometimes you never see them again, you know what I mean? Yeah. See you around, Shark. See you around, Jojo. What a putz. I told you I’m looking. Hey. Sharky. So I had an erection I always get erections when I’m there When I was a kid, I got erections when I was there Oh, I know you love Jackie. Jackie won’t eat his dinner unless you feed him. You know you can t go around pulling your dick out in the park every Monday Monday’s my day off You gotta work on a hobby, you know what I mean? Well, uh, there’s a tank full of fish at home, but that’s not as exciting Heeey. Sharky. Hello, Friscoe. Been a while. What , years? years. Whew. Welcome to the snake pit. You know, Friscoe, we used to flush the toilets upstairs Game always wondered where it came to. Still got that sense of humor. Mmm. I hope it stays with you. That’s your place right over there. Right by the cage. Right. You can get it organized later. It’s been weeks in a row. No, it could not have been weeks in a row. Maybe times, but not in a row. I’m telling you Game Get rid of this clown, will you? I’m getting an earache listening to this shit. Hey, Ron. Upstairs. Book him. Go on, Mr Mays, go on You organized that real fast. Ha ha ha ha. I didn’t say that. You did. Excuse me. Excuse me. Papa, what, are you on a date? She’s a hooker. Book her or get rid of her. Ahh, Friscoe. For Christ’s sake. Here you go, darling. Something for the doggy. Sergeant. You had a good machine going upstairs till Smiley screwed it up. You cut off his head, he wouldn’t be any dumber. Down here, it’s different. Mostly misdemeanors. Hookers, panderers. What the hell you doing down here, Friscoe? How many years you got in? . I got in. more to go, so I don’t growl too loud anymore. What about Driscoll, Marindo? Arch is the best street cop in the house. He won’t take shit. That’s why he’s here. Papa, too. You know, he’s been shot times. He doesn’t even remember where the scars are, but he’ll barehand a locomotive. They’re top men.

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