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Summer Fashion Pure Beauty

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    Attention River Police! A motorboat, color: White, type: RK, registration number: X, course: South, southeast of grid square B . Take up pursuit immediately! Read you. Assume: Pursuit immediately! And send two squad cars to thedock wrecking yard and wait there for me. Susan, you’d better go back to the home now. Not a word to anybody! I won’t. Jimmy, takecareof yourself. Stay where you are, Jack Corner! Put that woman down! Come hereslowly with your hands up! Poor Susan! Hands up, Inspector. Good evening, Mr Bird. Don’t move. Hands up. Go and open thesafe. Takeout the money, and bring it to me here. You heard me! Loveand Peace, Mr Parker! But how is it you aren’t dead? Haven’t you ever heard Game that on certain jobs detectives wear bulletproof vests, Mr Bird? No! No! No. I can’t understand it! It’s just too awful! How could my poor mother have been killed like that? She never harmed anyone. What connection could she have had with the entireaffair? Theseareall questions, Susan, to which noneof us ever havean answer. Nil sinedeo. Nothingoccurs without God. Sergeant? An important call from Headquarters. Fatal accident at Love and Peace. A man fell out of the window there. Perkins! Mother, I’m afraid I’ve got to run. Will you pleasesee to the young lady? Susan, I’ll pick you up later. Come into my room for a little while. You can havea little rest Game until the Sergeant gets back. What’s goingon? You’reall sniffingabout here like vermin. Are you officers or burglars? A man was pushed out of the window, Sir. Are you certain he was pushed out? Hecould very well have leaned out Game just a bit too far and fallen out. But, Sir Game Havea look. Very well, then. Have you informed Mr Parker? We’ve been trying. Wecan’t find him. The very thought of it nearly drives me insane. The Minister, the Archbishop Game Only the Queen is missing. You can bet this isn’t the end of it. I’m certain. Hastings, where’s the Inspector? Ah! Sergeant Pepper. Sir Arthur! Where is Inspector Perkins? That’s what I’d like to know. Well, isn’t that nice?

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