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Summer fashion

Summer fashion


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Summer fashion Nobody but you. Arise and be baptized. Washing away your sins. Calling on the name of the Lord. God will never put more on you than you can bear. Occult books talk about the life force of the blood. Usually the younger the victim, the more power or force it has. And do the type of injuries give an occult overtone to the murders? Yes. In some occult rituals, people are overkilled. The body is repeatedly killed over and over, with many cuts and blows. So would you say that this crime has the trappings of occultism? Of Satanic worship, in particular. Dr. Griffis, to get your PhD, what classes were you required to take? Uh, none. And how were you accepted into enrollment at Columbia Pacific University? I had to fill out, uh, several series of papers. Did you have to fill out a little flyer like this? Games Call toll free for information on how to become a doctor. Games This is a mail order college, isn’t it? University. They run a TV ad. Have you seen it? Yeah, you can send in a request for what you want your degree in. Did you know this was a correspondence school? I didn’t. Judge, the witness has a mail order PhD from a nonaccredited school that required no classes. We object to Dr. Griffis as an expert. Well, I’m not sure within Arkansas you need a degree of any kind to be considered an expert in a particular field. And I’m not persuaded at all by your argument about a mail order PhD. So I’m ruling him as qualified as an expert in the area of occult. I’m looking for the manager, Marty King. Is he here? He’s in the back. I’ll fetch him. Looks like business is pretty good. A whole lot better than it was now that they’ve caught them Satanists who murdered them little boys. I’m the manager. What can I do for you? My name is Ron Lax. I’m an investigator, and I was wondering if I could ask you a few questions about the night of May the th? Well, certainly, I’ll be glad to help out however I can. Hey, boss. Here’s one I don’t remember seeing before. Who’s Christopher Morgan? Did you in any way participate in causing the death of any of those three boys? No.

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