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Summer Exchange

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    I don’t wanna go through with this. Why should I go back? Why should I be away from you in that madness? You’ve got to, Jonathan, or you’ll die. Then I die. I don’t ever wanna be away from you again. You’ll never be apart from me again, ever. $,, praise the Lord, for a total Game a grand total of $,, Game . But glory be, we hear you, Lord. The Lord wants more. We still need more cash for Christ. Let it rain, let it rain dollars for Christ. More. And the beast shall rise out of the pit and walk among the world Game and great will be the devastation and desolation. And I tell you woe to the man who is without the Lord. And woe to the man and woe to the woman Game who has not given generously to this ministry. Who has not dug deep and sent cash Game or check to this antibeast brigade Game of true believers who are girding now for battle. I beg you, send your dollars to Jesus now! Beware! Beware of the beast! He’s among you! Prepare! Check your perimeter! Die! This Barcalounger’s gonna kick your arse, boy. It’s hard to outrun Reddy Kilowatt, arsehole. In the last years alone, over million people have been killed Game in warfare between civilized nations. This total is the equivalent of murdering the entire population Game Come on, boy, let’s take a ride in my Voltswagen. Alison, if you’re in me, give me the power to do this. Bastard! Who the hell’s that guy? Take cover! Do as your father asks. Roll up the window. Hey, Beaver! Well, it’s all out in the open now. So we still have no word from our reporter at the home of Lt. Parker. However, incredibly, we have begun to receive unconfirmed reports Game of unexplained appearances of Jonathan Parker Game and a man who looks very much like executed mass murderer Horace Pinker Game fighting at least what appears to be Game Kick his arse! Game the programming of several local stations during the last several minutes. And that’s the way it is. Did you get that? My kind of town! Move it out. Come here, you shit!

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