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Summer Camp Laziness

Summer Camp Laziness


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Summer Camp Laziness Description

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Summer Camp Laziness Hold on, hold on. I’m not gonna be able to come up with nine grand in three weeks. Then take a semester off. I’m not taking a semester off. Son, stop thinking about your dreams being crushed as a bad thing. It’s fantastic. This is the first day of the rest of your pathetic life. Take the advice my father gave me: Life is difficult. Jesus. Amen. You guys can be seated. We’re gonna continue to fan the flames of the spirit, but first off, we’re gonna hear from Macy about our missions team. Hi everyone. I want to talk to you this evening about our annual summer mission trip. After a lot of prayer and fasting, our group has felt the lord’s calling to go and make disciples in Hawaii! Now, reaching the Hawaiians with the gospel of Jesus will be impossible without the financial support of our church. I’d love to answer any questions you may have after the service, and we just really appreciate your support. Thanks. We have decided to give tonight’s offering towards our missionaries in their efforts. As the ushers come forward, all that I ask is that you give in a way that reflects the faith that you claim. Let’s continue to worship together. Look alive, look alive. Here we go. Hey, Macy. Hey! How are you? Good! Sam atwell. I didn’t know you went to this church. I don’t. I came with some friends, so game Oh. Yeah. How’s it going? How’s the fundraising going? It’s going well. It’s definitely a challenge, though, to raise ,. Yeah, geez. That’s a lot. So, uh, how much have you all got left to raise? Well, let’s see game $, as of Wednesday, which, you know, we started a week ago, so game Wait, you’ve raised , game you raised $, in game where did you get all that money? God has been so good to us in our mission. Hasn’t he? My gosh! Actually, a lot of my friends have had success raising money for mission trips. My cousin Allison is in ruhongo for living water, drilling Wells. There was a flood in Lesotho, so I’m pretty sure she moved there, but, ah, she’s everywhere. So what kind of accountability is there? What do you mean? Oh,

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