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Summer Camp Laziness Time

Summer Camp Laziness Time


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Summer Camp Laziness Time Description

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OK. Batt e stations. [ aughing] MAN: We a remember the scene in “Apoca ypse Now,” where up the river, Kurtz has bui t a piece of America in the midd e of hosti e jung e. That is what Steve McQueen decid to ower in to rura e Mans, and that was So ar Vi age. [French speech] MAN: We want to photograph the entire race, and then we want to recreate it. And we want to use the same drivers. Sudden y, out of the b ue, we’re ask to work on a movie with Steve McQueen. It was ike, whoa. Wow. Why not? And then on top of that, you knew you were going to earn $ a day, which was a ot of money. Exce ent. Abso ute y exce ent. We were given a Porsche each to trund e around in, and it was good news. We , it’s quite a p easant surprise to be invited. I knew Steve quite we , and it was very nice of Steve, etting me go racing at the weekends, and etting his pi ot and airp ane to come back in time for fi ming on Monday morning. David Piper. We us to ca him the pirate. [ aughing] I think of the pipe hanging out of his mouth. He was a grand, o d guy. [Race car noises] Mr. Sturges, you’ve direct Steve McQueen in severa fi ms, inc uding “The Great Escape.” And now, you’re here in ” e Mans.” STEVE MCQUEEN: John Sturges is directing this fi m. We’ve done three fi ms together now, and I te you, we’ve had nothing but fun, simp y because we’ve had the time, and we get excit about doing rea y good work. MAN: John was an incredib e director. It was Steve working with John on “Great Escape” and “Magnificent Seven” which made the myth, and the man, and Steve McQueen who he was. The hero of the fi m is racing in this scene. That’s what it’s about. [Race car engine] MAN: We have the star. We had the drivers. We had an incredib e array of technica support. We had everything, except the script. He said that the script isn’t entire y finished. We’re waiting for the end of the race to finish the script, to fina ize the script? We , we do want to adjust our story to the way things happen that we actua y photograph. That’s correct. MAN: It’s common in Ho ywood

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