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Sue Thair design

Sue Thair design


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Sue Thair design Then she must make the limit in April. Anna can do that but only with Stromba. I’ll call you. Bye. Anna, shouldn’t you reconsider the Stromba? Martina is so far ahead of you. Can’t you see it? None of us made the limit. Anna, I know it’s wrong but game Why don’t you take it only until the Olympics. It would be fine. I hear everyone does that. It’s as if you said that those who want to achieve mustjoin the Party. There are certain borderlines. You should know better. Have you forgotten it drove me to the hospital? Yes? Hello. She didn’t even say hello. Hello. Sign here. You see, my daughter is an athlete, she is in the national team game Madam, your application for travel permission has been rejected. I can’t help you anyway. Sign here. Can we appeal against it? No. She hasn’t seen her dad for years. Listen, if Mr Moravec hadn’t emigrated your daughter could see him more often. But Mr Moravec did emigrate. That’s not my daughter’s fault. Neither is mine. Bye. All goes according to plan. She gets injections as you prescribed. I know but the results are zilch. I did give them to her as you ordered. You didn’t exert yourself today. At the races you didn’t shine too. Wait outside. Goodbye. Bye. She’s the only one unaffected. Her figures have not changed since October. She had some troubles with her boyfriend. That’s psychological not physiological. It is true but game She just lost her interest in training. But she has come to her senses. Here you are. Tell your mum this is the next round. Three weeks of Stromba this time and then a week off. Starting tonight. Bye. Hi. Hi. There’s Stromba in the box marked with a cross. She must take it for three weeks. Okay. Bye. Bye. Yeah, the training went well. How about you? Shit. Mum, I can’t hear. Dad brought you a gift from Vienna. A beautiful pink Adidas sweatsuit. That’s so nice of him. Thanks. Mum, are you alright? I’m fine. I know you. You were pounding into the typewriter like crazy. You were just imagining it. I’ll go prepare the B for you. Hi. Hi. What kept you so long?

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