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Sue Thair design Styl

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    to protect you. What should you do, sir Games No matter what happens Games I made a pIedge to you. My lord! No, my lord! My lord! No! My lord! I won’t Iet go of this hand no matter what. Can you promise the same, too? Yes, my Iord. I had a dream. What kind of dream? PeopIe gathered and danced together. And the pIace seemed to be the pIace you don’t have to hurt others or draw your sword aiming against others. Everyone was very happy together as one, aII equaIIy. And you and I were there hand in hand smiIing at each other. It sureIy is the good dream. I wouId Iike to go there with you, my Iord. They could not recover the corpse. l see. Let all the names of those who involved and the family of Kim Min-jae omitted from all the record. lnstead, put the names of his adjutant Lee Je and Lord Sambong in there. As you command! November , Prince Jung-an, Lee Bang-won ascended the throne. He is Joseon Dynasty’s rd king, Taejong the Great. You ladies shouldn’t treat him like that. Mayor, your leg brace. Xiaowu, sorry. Go and fix our clothes. Xiaowu, thanks. No problem at all. I’ll go deliver now. Grandma? Grandma? Grand Games Who are you? Tianyin. Who is Tianyin? Your grandson. Who’s grandson? Your son’s son. My son is first-tier palace swordsman Song Daitian. Let me tell you. This is our Song family heritage Games monster killing sword! It s actually more like a toy. I won’t play with you. You’re so dumb. You don’t understand a thing. Hanging around with nothing to do, you really don’t act like a man. I’m busy every day, sewing and cooking. Did you practice our Song family special moves today? You are such a loser. Grandma will leave home for a few days.. to look for your dad. Grandma, you’ve been searching for that guy for years. Shouldn’t you give-up? Your dad is the hero of the Monster Hunt Bureau. What kind of hero dumps his wife and son? Coward! Your dad is Games a first-tier palace swordsman. He left the whole village to you, so protecting the villagers is Games my duty. Then you shouldn’t fall short of your

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