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Stella Cute Makeover

Stella Cute Makeover


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Stella Cute Makeover Description

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Stella Cute Makeover I saw the woman drunk with the blood of the saints And with the blood of the martyrs of Jesus.” History reveals that the roman church Was the worst oppressor of Christians and Jews Over the centuries. In fact, historians tell us over million martyrs Fell victim to the terrible inquisitions and persecutions Of the church of Rome. So what we have here Is a prophecy saying that the church Would engage in incredible persecution And that’s exactly what took place. And the church started a legal process, a legal system, Known as ‘inquisition’ to interrogate these people, To force as many as possible to recant And to retract their ideas And to grab hold of the leaders of the movement And to stop them spreading any further. The highest number of deaths ever recorded Occurred when the church Persecuted those who disagreed with them And that level of repression Continues through the middle ages. So this woman, or church, is a persecuting power That oppresses Christ’s true followers. We’ll be looking at several brave souls That risked their lives To speak up against the corrosive pagan influences And to share god’s word During this time of spiritual darkness. “The people who walked in darkness “Have seen a great light: “Those who dwelt in the land of the shadow of death, Upon them a light has shined.” Living in Lyons, France, there was one young man Who would alter the course of Christian history. Peter Waldo, also known as Valdes, A very wealthy and educated young merchant Had a lifeChanging experience. A young friend of Waldo’s died suddenly. Realizing the brevity of life And the vanity of worldly treasure, Waldo made a firm decision to forsake all for Christ. He gave his wealth to the poor And became an itinerant preacher. Waldo taught that the bible should be understood literally And freely proclaimed to the people In their own language. He encouraged believers To live lives of simplicity and poverty And at the same time, He boldly denounced the excesses of the priests. By ad peter Waldo Had gathered a large number of

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