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Star Style: Carly Rae Jepsen Adventure

Star Style: Carly Rae Jepsen Adventure


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Star Style: Carly Rae Jepsen Adventure Description

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underwear Games Do you see anything suspicious? The bag of the Lady is open and close to her hand, so she can drop all the products she wants inside. They pretend to be interested in a product and then they slip it in the bag. You must understand that the thief has no age, has no color. Everyone can steal. Old people, young ones Games Look here. You see, the item is still in her hand. It’s not in her cart still. You have to be careful. Now, it seems to be OK. But while we watch here, a lot of Games a lot of things happen on the other screens Games truth is, you have about cameras in the store. You will get used to it. You have some time to do so. If you want to switch to another angle, you just press the number of the camera. There, I switch to the . And you press CAM. It’s the one moving along the rail. It allows you to control all the areas. With the construction in the store, we have zero visibility. This is the wine area. Ah, lovers Games Even couples may steal. Camera covers the video games area. And the CDs. Must be careful. Camera . This one keeps the product in his hands. This is not normal. You have to make sure He doesn’t open it later. You see, it’s still in his hands. Great. Camera , Checkout. In the cashiers area, You zoom in to see if they scan all the items, if they let a cart go by with items still inside, It can happen. Truth is, the Director wants to increase turnover. Given that there has not been much departures in early retirement, he tries to fire some staff. So if there is a problem, don’t hesitate, you warn the agent at the end of the cash register, so he may make an arrest. Give me the shower. Give your hand. Thanks for coming. Thank you for receiving us. I wanted to meet with you so that we can talk about the orientation of Matthieu. The project of Matthieu is a project which is ambitious but also is very realistic. But if we need to meet today, it’s because at this moment, There is a small drop in the involvement of Matthieu, a small decrease in results. Which could, eventually,

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