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Star life style

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    What could a millionaire have wanted here? Why don’t you ask one? But, they’reall dead. What? Oh! Inspector Perkins! Are you lookingfor me? No. I’m surprised to see you here myself. I was lookingfor theowner of this house. My mother’s gone. Someonesent her off on a wild goosechase this morning. Please. Your mother? Yes. Sheowns this place. Since I started working I haven’t been able to see her so often. Today, when I wanted to look in on her Game I’m so worried. What happened? A man came here in an ambulance and brought her a message that I was Game seriously hurt in hospital. Miss Brown, an employeeof my mother, saw him. Miss Brown, what did the man Game Can that thing beswitched off? Thank you. This chap in theambulance, what did he look like? What did he look like? Yes. What did he look like? What impressed me, actually, was this: Hedidn’t look likean ambulancedriver. What then? He was wearinga plain rain coat. No uniform at all. And a dark suit. Thank you. Miss McPherson, did your mother ever mention the name Gordon Stuart? Not that I know of. Who is he? A rich Canadian Game who was drowned in the Thames. The last place wecould trace him to Game in London was your mother’s shop here. Do you havea pictureof your mother? Yes. I always carry one in my purse. Here you are. Can we keep this for a while? Yes, of course. Jim, I’m off to the Yard. I’ll send you a squad car. You’ll get Miss McPherson homesafeand sound. But Game Be glad to, Sir! Out of service Alright, mate. So wedon’t talk. Susan, just suppose you’d been theone who inherited the millions from Stuart. What would you havedone with it? I’d be thrilled. But I’m not Susan Ward. Besides I’m happy with my lifeas it is. I know, I know. But, think of it Game million pounds! That’s quitea lot of money. What would you do with it? I’d seesomeof my old friends in Africa. But Susan! Alone in Africa without me? Don’t you know it’s terribly dangerous for a girl of your age to beall alone Game amongall those lions and tigers? I lived there for years Game before I even met you!

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