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Spring Trends of 2013

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  • Spring Trends of 2013

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    Thank you. Great game tonight, girl! See ya tomorrow! Seal that envelope. Where’s your stamp? Look for the stamp. – Track and confirmed. – I like it. Oh, no, don’t you go express. Not this time. Yes! Put your bulk mail in me. Go postal on me! Oh. Oh! What was that? What was that? Beth. Beth! Open the door. I don’t wanna wake Jocelyn. I need to talk to you. Beth, please. Open the door. I can explain. Beth, please. Looks like somebody celebrated a little too hard last night. Yeah. Guess I’m not as young as I used to be. Bacon’s supposed to be good for hangovers. I don’t wanna be late for school. Bye, Dad. Bye-bye, baby. Good-bye, Jocelyn. I don’t know what to say. Why her? Do you love her? Be honest with me. I deserve that. Do you love her? What about her husband? He’s away, workin’ on an oil rig. Oh, isn’t that convenient for you both. Do you love her? – We’ll talk when you calm down. – You come back here! Every time you don’t wanna hear somethin’, you just walk away or you ignore me. Beth, what do you want me to say? That spark we used to have? I wanna feel it more than once a year. I’m too young to feel this damn old. When you sink a three-pointer for the Hot Flashes, you feel again. That’s how I feel with her. She’s not comin’. Why? We know you’re in there. Did y’all know about her? No. No. Of course not. We didn’t know, Beth. But we know you’re gonna get through this. Mm-mmm. I think he’s gonna leave me. Yeah. When Jocelyn goes off to college. And I’ll be totally alone. You will not be totally alone. You’ve got us. You got a whole posse now, girl. I’m afraid my basketball days are over. But you can’t quit now. Hey. Listen. Havin’ a pity party isn’t gonna help anything. Believe me, honey, I know. I thought takin’ on those girls might help Laurence Game see me the way he used to. Whatever happens between you and Laurence, he can’t take this away from you. This was your idea. Y’all should know that I’m the reason

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