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Spring Runway Secret 2

Spring Runway Secret 2


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Spring Runway Secret 2 Description

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I’m me. I’m free. I’m capable of being happy. I’d like to believe you. The English guy Game Charlie’s back. Good. So? Arsenic? Why would you think that? That’s not it? Not at all. What is it then? She choked to death. Choked? Yes, choked. On a piece of bread. That Wizzy Game She could have cancelled her birthday party. We share your pain. Be strong. Can I speak with you? Sure. I think I killed her. What? With a loaf of bread. With my bread. Don’t talk crap. I’m the guilty one. What? The English guy Game Charlie’s back. Six months later Wipe your feet, Julien. Seen the new neighbours? They moved in? They’re Russian. Russians? The woman has an ass to die for. Spare us, Julien. Guess what their name is. It starts with a Adulteress, tragic death. Jumped in front of a train. Anna Karenina? Bingo. In fact it’s Kalenina. Almost the same. This is wild. Just crazy. I’m kidding. As Russian as me. They’re from Rouen. Their name is Mercier. You scared me, you idiot. What an imbecile! Me Game neighbour of you. If help you need, me, available. Very kind of you. What perfect French! Thank you Game So is yours. Where did you learn it? School, like everyone. Let me help you. Yes, I insist Game You have no accent. Neither do you. For me it’s normal. I’m from here. Born here? The name is Jouberi. Martin Jouberi. I came back to Normandy years ago. To take over my father’s bakery. Do you make glutenfree bread for diets? I make very lowcal bread. My specialty is the croquinette. Multigrain. I can make pirozhki too. With ham Game with cheese. Have you read Anna Karenina?

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