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Spring queen

Spring queen


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Spring queen Description

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Spring queen Yeah, I did. Jason Baldwin called me and he asked if I could go to West Memphis with him, and I told him no. I had to work and stuff. And then he told me that he had to go. So him and Damien, they went. Then I went with them up to the Games Up to the Robin Hood. Jessie and Damien picked him up and put a bucket where he was bleeding. So you saw Damien strike Chris Byers in the head? Right. What did he hit him With? Well, he hit him with his fist and bruised him all up real bad. And then Jason, he turned, and he hit Branch, and that’s when Michael Moore, he took off. So I chased him, grabbed him and held him until they got there. And then, and that’s when I left. Who had a knife? Jason. I saw him cut one of those little boys. There’s someone inside your house. He’s gonna kill you. You have to run for it. It’s the police. Michelle, get the door. We’re looking for Damien Echols. Come on. All right, go check the back. You his sister? Folks not home? What are you doing? We were just watching a movie. Come on, stop. Jason Baldwin, you’re under arrest, too. What for? Capital Games Shut up! Capital murder. He didn’t do anything! You got the wrong people. Hey, boss. West Memphis PD is holding a press conference. Games police force and families of the victims. Damien Echols, Jason Baldwin, Jessie Misskelley were arrested last night, will be charged in the murders of the three boys we found last month in the Robin Hood Woods. Inspector Gitchell, do you know the motive for the killings? I do, but I can’t comment on that at this time. MALE REPORTER # Games . Can we interview them? Were the three defendants a member of a cult? I can’t comment on that either. Well, on a scale of one to , how solid do you feel your case is? Eleven. Apparently, the break in the case was the confession of Jessie Misskelley, one of the accused in this horrific crime that has shocked this entire community. Satanism is out there. And you must be watchful for the six indicators of Satanic involvement. Obsession with death. Satanic paraphernalia. Kidnapping.

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