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Spring Fashion Days

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  • Spring Fashion Days

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    Spring Fashion Days Description

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    Spring Fashion Days Interesting? Yeah, we split our sides laughing. That fellow with a scarf is really somebody’s son? We all of us are somebody’s sons. Hi. I came to shake your hand. Flattered. A funny lot. Who won? A woman. They are thieves by nature. They have a lot of secretive places. Have you counted? Paid in full. Great. These frames Game They have to be erased. Done! But of course. Don’t worry. Do they think they’ll get away with it? The main thing is that they had fun. I think it’s going to be trendy. You’re always welcome. Maybe next time they will want to make like killers? A great idea! Yes! But that will be a very expensive. This is for you, boys. Keep up the good work. Thank you very much indeed. Back to work, back to work Game An incredible sale! Let me out of here! Sit down. You wanted to run away? Your full name and home address. Your parents’ names Game Seven cases of stealing, two of them from the lockers. Each time valuable things. Please, let me out. My brother is out there. He may get lost! Please! They’re working with a marker. Calm down. You only have to pay for the cucumbers. Please let me out. We have no money. We were robbed. Please. No money. Okay, I’ll pay for that jar. Many returns. The cashiers are sleepy. The guard Senia is drunk. Your last name? Bogdanova. First name? Alyona. My brother’s name is Nikita. Brother Nikita. Hungry brothers and sisters. No money Game Please Game I beg you. Don’t pay attention to it, or you’ll go nuts. They’ve tried to throw me off balance many times. I just look them in the eyes and say Screw you. It helps. I’ll have to remember that. Please bring him here Game Go look for her imaginary brother. Where do you say he is? By the lockers? Yes. All right, let’s go. Incredible sale! Let’s see where your imaginary brother is Game Sorry, can I have these figures checked, please? Nikita Game So, which of them is your imaginary brother? This one? Or maybe that one? Nikita, how could you leave me Game What do you think you’re doing? Get up! An actress Game Get up. Don’t be sitting on the dirty floor.

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