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Spring Fashion Days Aventure

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  • Spring Fashion Days Aventure

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    Spring Fashion Days Aventure Description

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    No, except maybe drive a cow out of a closet. Takes a long time to train a drover. Jailer! Open up. Mr. Kelly, your education has been sadly neglected. Not bad. But you’re not charging the enemy. You’re pushing cattle. For that, you need trained cowboys. Now look Games These is warhorses, mister. I reckon they can handle them little old cows. All right, lieutenant. Take your warhorses and push those little old cows into that back corral. With your permission, colonel? Move, cow. Come on, cows! Get in there! You darn fool cows, get in there! Come on, get in there! You darn fool cows, get in there! Colonel, where the hell you get these cows? From an old ladies’ home? Move them out! Get on! Get out of here! Get out of here! All right, you darn fool cow! Come on! Get out of my way! Go on! Move along there! Watch out! Sound retreat. What’s that, sir? I said sound retreat! Yes, sir. Close the gate. Get those cattle! Go on, get them. Now, listen: There are head of Mexican range-bred steers on that plantation Games Games , temperamental and a lot more vicious than anything you’ve got here. All right, so we got plenty to learn. But you can train us. Damn you, Kelly, you’re gonna train us! Back to jail. Are you coming in or am I going out? General Lee has approved the raid. That makes you the only missing link. Missing’s the word. That’s a lot of cash to carry around, colonel. It’d be safer in a bank. Matter of fact, I’ll give you permission to open an account in Games They’ll be butchering and eating that herd before long. I figure you’ve got no more than ten days to get us ready. Burn it all. Ten days before we start. God deliver me from dedicated men. Ten days. You used to have ten fingers. Now you got nine. Tomorrow, you’ll have eight. You stay stubborn, the day after that, you’ll have seven. The day after that Games Games it’s up to you. You decide whether you want to end up with a pair of stumps Games Games or lend us your talent. You decide. Get a doctor. Don’t split them up like that. Get them. All right, get those back.

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