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Spring days

Spring days


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Spring days Description

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But Chief, I was only executing my duties. Miss McPherson is namely here with me. There’s so much to beclarified. And you want to clear up everything? Drive immediately to Blossom Lane, to St. Mary’s Home. I need you. And to avoid losingany more time, bring Miss McPherson with you. Over! Aye, aye, Sir. Fabulous how you gave the Chief a peaceof your mind! Yes, wasn’t it? Not bad, eh? Yes, please? I’m Inspector Perkins, Scotland Yard. May I speak to thedirector of your home? You mean thedirectress? That’ll be fine, thank you. Please, do you want to come in? Quiet! This way. Who is this? What does she want? Dorothy Smith. Deaf and dumb. A little bit retarded as well. Back to your seat, immediately! I’m sorry. Someone to see you, Mother Superior. Inspector Perkins of Scotland Yard. Show him in. Pleasecome in, Inspector. Oh yes, thank you. Good day. How do you do, Inspector? Please, won’t you takea seat? Thank you. I won’t keep you long, Mother. I only need some information. Gladly. Does the name Jack Corner ringa bell? Jack Corner? No. Should I know the name? He was hired years ago as a caretaker in this homeafter he had done Game a year stretch in prison. Wait a minute Game Yes. Now I remember. I’ve been hereonly years myself. That is surely the man Game who’d had that horribleaccident. Can you tell me moreabout him, Mother? Well, not that I know of, Inspector. But Sister Elizabeth should know. She’s been herea longtime. Shall I have her come in? You’re very, very kind, Mother. Sister Elizabeth? Pleasecome to my office. Good day. Good day. I’m terribly sorry Game Miss McPherson, Sergeant Pepper. Both are members of my team. In what capacity are you in the Yard? Miss McPherson is with the Game State Welfare Officeand, moreover, is also a competent registered nurse. Nice, when young people still have ideals today. Oh, they deserve mankind. There’s so few of them left now. Sister Elizabeth, can you recall a certain Jack Corner working here? Yes. And what I’ll never forget is the horribleaccident he had here. I’ve told you about it, Mother Superior.

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