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Spring days Adventure

Spring days Adventure


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Spring days Adventure Description

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What shall l drag her by, then? We’ll hide her braid under a rag. All right…! Love to munch when the stove’s all smudged? Go like that, you viper! Now let’s see how you’ll do! Now try this…! Oh, you’re a princess! A genuine princess! Really? You are! A princess… And now a little of this…! l’m tired, and l’m hot! Shut up for a moment! No, you’re not a princess. Who, then? A queen! What good deed can I do? I can’t walk another step! Granny, let me help you. Please! That would be so kind of you! With pleasure! I badly need to do a good deed! Then do it. Climb on! Climb where? My back! Your back! Do you live far from here? Very far, dearie! Up the hill, then down the hill, then up the hill again. That’s great! lt’s great, but don’t get too sweaty. Come on, let’s go! My daughter is right for your boy. She works day and night! She sweeps, she sews, she knits, and she’ll never complain! She starts the stove in the morning, she broils, boils, and fries…! She mops till the floor shines, and then she’ll wine and dine him! Yeah, she’s such a wonder, a bargain at twice the price! Matchmaker, you’re overdoing it. We hear you also have another daughter. Yes. Where is she hiding? People repeat all kinds of vicious rumors! l’M the daughter, the other is a stepdaughter! NEVERTHELESS… please show us the stepdaughter. Mother…? lf you insist… I’ll get her for you. Nastenka! Nastenka! Nastka! Come HERE! Behave, you viper! Nastenka, my sweetie, my little wren! Say hello to our guests! This one is no good at all. She’s not the quickest rabbit in the forest, is she? Yes, our little fool is neither pretty, nor intelligent. Takes after her father! But–! …I’ll be quiet…! Now, what can l offer you? She’s prepared fish AND meat! But first, a toast! My dear son adores goose giblets. Oh, very much! Nastka! Wait! Let your lovely daughter take care of it Mother…! Then we’ll see how good she is at housework. Are you sweating, dearie? It’s a little hot. Can you see a ramshackle hut? l see it. That’s my palace. Down the hill! Down, down! This is fun! Faster! OK, here we are! Here it is, my palace. Thank you, handsome! Are you laughing at me?! No, no! Can’t you see how “handsome” l am?! No, l can’t see at all! lt’s been about years since l went blind. Oh, Granny… l wish l had gone blind. Why is that, dearie?! Granddad Mushroom lied to me. What did you say?! l’ll never look at myself in the mirror again! How’s she coming along? I can see your son likes her a lot! Fair and bonny, she’s no phoney! Mommy! Marfoushka! My daughter! Help! Mommy! Marfoushenka! Marfousha! Save me, quick! You should’ve tied it tighter! Are you rejecting my child? Of course not! My son is young, handsome, and ready to get married! But not to this one! To the other one! The one called Nastenka….! How can Granny walk without her stick? l’ve got to take it to her! Good boy, lvanushka! Good boy! Maybe l’m just dreaming… maybe l’m seeing ghosts, or it’s the old sorcerer’s tricks again. The feather brought me here. This is where l met Nastenka. Look, the stump is blooming!

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